Our Community Pantry

We are a Community Pantry

Community Pantries are not food banks

We are open Fridays 9:30-11am at the Octagon Centre as well as at some of our other projects. 

What is a community pantry? 

A place to access food that is surplus 

What is the difference between a community pantry and a food bank?

Food banks are a brilliant and useful way to help support people who are facing food poverty. We work closely with our local food bank, often referring people there. 

Community pantries are designed to help people be independent and provide a long-term sustainable approach to food insecurity. 

We receive food from Fareshare (for which we pay a subscription), local shops and people and ask for a donation of £2 per visit to pay for the cost associated with receiving the food. 



Community Pantry Policy

 January 2022

The Brook Farm Community Association exists to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Poolbrook and the surrounding areas of Malvern.

Our Community Pantry, which operates from The Octagon Community Centre, pays a subscription to Fareshare in order to receive supplies of surplus or close to sell by dated grocery, toiletry and household cleaning items. We also receive similar items donated by and through local supermarkets.

It is our aim to make all of what we receive available to members of our local community for a small charge, which we use to pay our subscription to Fareshare and to sundries as necessary. 

We ask that those living outside of our area first seek support local to their home.

Any comments may be emailed to chair@theoctagoncentre.org.uk