Clothing Exchange


 Malvern Clothing Exchange is now closed, owing to the retirement of Anne, its manager.

"Many thanks to all our most generous donors and exchangers of children's clothing over the years!" Anne Ridley

All stock  in the gallery when we closed, in February 2020, has now been sorted, re- washed (after a year in quarantine(!) and delivered, free, to local people and local charities and, further afield to children in need in the UK and abroad. Many thanks to Bennetts of Malvern, who donated removal boxes for transporting some of the clothes. Thanks also to trustees and members of the Thursday project leadership team, who washed and distributed some of the clothes ans shoes. 

 The following charities have benefitted in 2020-21, from Malvern Exchange's  children's clothes:

"What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful"  Malvern

Acorns Children's Hospice shop, Malvern

The Shaw Trust, Malvern & other outlets

CEDA (Change Through Education in Africa) a Leigh Sinton based charity helping children in Jinja, Uganda.

 Refugee Women Connect, Liverpool- helping refugees and women asylum seekers in the UK

The PHAB centre, Birkenhead, Wirral-a Community Centre like the Octagon, distributing clothing to those in need in the North West of England

Mothers and Toddlers Group, Knighton Baptist church, Knighton,Powys

  Emilie with Orphans at Whisper, Uganda   CEDA children, Jinja, Uganda

THe need for good second hand children's clothes is still out there. Please keep donating to save the environment and for peoples who would love to have the clothes your children outgrow. And buy second hand!   There are several start-ups in Malvern for adults and children and lots of generous people on Freecycle, Freegle and the Facebook group: "Malvern For Sale!" 

Uk is the fourth largest waste textiles creator in Europe, the majority of that waste going to landfill. Clothes binned that could be worn!

Please continue your generosity by donating to charity shops in Malvern and elsewhere and "Swap Swap Swap" with your friends. It's fun and the way to go.

Stay safe

Anne , July 2021