The Bra Bank

 We collect bras on behalf of Against Breast Cancer UK, a charity which collects and sends  bras abroad to fund further research.

The bras you no longer wear could be helping to support small businesses in Africa. Together with the charity's recycling partners, their textile recovery project prevents these bras going into landfill and gives them a new lease of life in developing countries where bras remain too expensive to produce locally.

 From Wednesday 13th July 2016, the Octagon's bra bank will be open for new deposits!

You will find the Bra Bin on the left, inside the patio doors to the Octagon. The bank will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11 am till 1pm for your bra donations. To date  our appeal has collected 395 bras of all types.

If you would like to donate at other times please e-mail with your name and email address for us to  get back to you, in due course. As this website is still under development, please bear with us if the response takes some time!

Hang on to those bras as we would like them!

Find out how your donated bras have helped to win the fight against breast cancer at