Passion Play Easter 2018


Coffee shop members celebrated Easter with a very special performance this year, to mark the importance of the festival Many of the Octagon community were involved, a tribute to the development of a strong,committed core group, who throughout the winter, attended both Thursday morning Coffee Shop and also the Community Group on Tuesday evenings.

Rehearsals, casting,management of the hall, costume and set design, acting and writing the script, were the work of volunteers, many of whom had never previously  been involved in putting on a play.

The result was a truly moving spectacle, presented to the whole Coffee Shop after an Easter meal to which many also contributed. Vi’s simnel cake was a joy to behold and Sandie and Angela served a great buffet.

The musical accompaniment, by a member of the Hills Singers,was a pure pleasure. Jane sang a Jewish lament, a cappella,in  faultless style. The group joined in singing Easter hymns after the  stages of the journey of Christ to the Cross and the Resurrection were enacted.

The power of the performance could be judged by the complete silence of the audience who witnessed the play.

This was truly a community experience which will be remembered by many for a long time.

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