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'New life and fresh hope' Easter celebration at Coffee Shop*

Noel  J. Nash 1966-2018   "A life to be celebrated "

Noel Nash who features in this photo was a valued member of Coffee shop who raised hundreds of pounds for the Octagon Community, by walking up the Brecon Beacons. In this photo from 2017, he shared with Coffee Shop his vision of his "New Life," in Christ.

Noel sadly passed away before Christmas, 2018, from a complication of his diabetes. 

His life story, as a Worcester postman, then as a recovered alcoholic who had a "Road to Damascus" conversion at "The Cross" in Worcester was an inspiration to many. A lifelong diabetic who had overcome diverse mobility- threatening health problems, he gave his heart to his faith, witnessing  and reaching out to others, in Worcester and in Malvern.

He loved to walk miles, best alone, in communion with 'Him up there' as he put it. He delivered hundreds of leaflets for the Octagon  Community and  Worcester charities; lately, he cooked meals and shopped for elderly friends, talked with the homeless on Worcester's streets and was clear in his vision of his life, expressing himself with eloquence and passion.

Noel touched the lives of many through his words of faith (often sent as encouraging text messages) and actions. There were moving tributes from friends whose lives he had touched at his funeral at Malvern Cemetery, in early January.  In one of the last texts Noel sent out to friends he wrote, "No matter how far I have strayed, I am always welcomed back and loved by Jesus. I cannot do life unless I seek the creator of all life". Friends,gathered around  the graveside, knew that Noel was finally at peace and welcomed into the presence and love of Jesus.

His was a life to be proud of.




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