Octagon Fun Community Consultation Day

 We had a great day on the 27th May, when the Octagon hosted a Community Fun and Consultation event. The bouncy castle and Jungle animals were  very popular as were the frankfurters and drinks supplied by Sandie and the Octagon Coffee Shop team. Sarah  thanks everyone who offered  their  creative  opinions about the Octagon's future. Some great ideas out there ! They are all currently being collated for a report and development plan, for this autumn. On the day the  mini boxing activity proved very popular with all visitors. Dads and Mums, as well as kids had the chance to try their nerve, handling giant centipedes and  tarantulas, too!

Malvern Clothing Exchange was open for business and lots of lovely clothes found their way to a new home.

Jacqueline and Anne showed people up to the "Aladdin's cave"  and selected the right sizes for the family members of the people who came.  Many thanks to Jacqueline & all the generous folk who donated  such lovely clothes beforehand and on the day.

Why not look at our weekly activities, drop- in lunches and community activities? Watch this space- for more this autumn.

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