The future for our kids plus.... Stella McCartney on sustainable fashion

 Stella Mc Cartney  was interviewed for the "I "newspaper in December 2018,,,,,,,,,,

“It’s astonishing how it’s changed in my lifetime. If you look at the past week alone, LA has gone fur-free-the city has just banned its sale, Berkeley has gone vegetarian. London Fashion Week was fur-free this week....."

Ellen Mac Arthur , yachtswoman , wants to protect the oceans she loves, from micro plastics........."Every year ... (the world) produces 53 million tonnes of fibres to make clothes and textiles and every year we landfill or burn 73 per cent of those fibres,” Ellen MacArthur, the celebrated yachtswoman,says. “It’s a staggering figure that shows our fashion system is broken, and cannot ultimately continue to operate the same way.” That waste is being exacerbated by the rise of “fast fashion”. Since 2000 the amount of clothing produced worldwide has doubled, but the number of times an item is worn has fallen by almost half. “Right now we design, make and use clothes in an almost completely linear way,” MacArthur says. “We take a material, we make something out of it, and then, in the majority of cases, it gets thrown away.”

Another way to do it (be sustainable) is to source lovely clothes and re-use them.That's what we do here at the Octagon's kids Clothing Exchange. New cheap clothes don't last five minutes, but good brands do- and kids hardly wear them before they grow. Come to us and see our lovely clothes or have a look at the Sunshine Centre which we also supply.

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