Harvest celebration and Community Coffee Shop News

September 12th 2019 was the date of this year’s Coffee Shop Harvest Celebration and a wonderful occasion it was.  Tables set beautifully by Sandie, Janet and the team, welcomed all. The hall was garlanded with greenery, a reminder of the  sleeping promise of new growth, as well as of the Harvest season.

Past and present members packed the Hall,sharing a Ploughman’s lunch and buffet together- served by Angela, Liz and the rest of the team;  there was plenty for all… and some left over, the theme of the parable given to an assembled crowd  two thousand years ago and, in 2019,  read to our Octagon community by Steve and Fran.20190912 09582820190912 123157


Music and songs, a video of the world’s beautiful places and people, based on the lyrics of the popular song  ‘What a wonderful world’ in which everyone joined, and a moving appeal for support for CAFOD’s work abroad, followed the meal.

Michael, Francesca’s husband left us with a lasting image of the number of people without enough food, this month, in the world: the number, if the hungry all joined hands, would reach 17 times the distance around the Earth at the Equator.

 If we all joined hands too, this year, could we help to decrease this number?

 Money from the raffle was given for CAFOD’s work abroad and the overflowing boxes of goodies, brought by members to the Harvest at the Octagon, were given to the Malvern Hills Foodbank, Spring Lane, where need is reported as having increased dramatically in the past 12 months.

Although held in an Autumn of difficult times, we left the Octagon with Spring in our hearts and in our steps, too.

The next big community event -the Christmas Cabaret will be held this year on December 19th 2019.

All are welcome as indeed all are, every Thursday morning at the Octagon.

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