Awards for the Octagon's Community Work

In this year’s Malvern Hills District Council Community Awards, the Octagon's personnel and activities received no less than two awards!


The first award went to Mrs Susan Petty who was the Judges' Choice and Winner of the "Action in the Community" category, receiving a certificate and photo in recognition of her long and generous service for over 21 years, to the communities of Poolbrook and Malvern, first at the Poolbrook Community Flat and then at the Octagon Centre. We have long been aware of Sue's quiet and unstinting gifts of her time and commitment to the people of Malvern. Wonderful that they have now been publicly recognised with this Award!


The second, in the "Improving lives" Category, went to Martin Lawrence's "Zest For Life" social club which received a HIGHLY COMMENDED Award and Certificate. This well- deserved recognition of voluntary effort and team work reflects the popularity of the Wednesday lunches and activities, available weekly, excepting only Christmas Day itself, if it falls upon a Wednesday! This award demonstrates the difference that this initiative has made in improving the lives of local people who are a part of "Zest for Life's" loyal community.

Many congratulations from the Octagon Committee and all the Octagon’s many regular visitors and hirers. If you haven't joined us yet, come along to see what it's all about. All of Malvern’s residents are welcome!

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