A Big Thank You!

A Big Thank You……….Sue 1

.....to Mrs Susan Petty of Poolbrook, who has retired from " the Octagon" after serving the community for over 21 years. In fact, Sue first started her association with the Brook Farm Community, thirty years ago, when the centre was at No 26, The Community Flat, Poolbrook. Sue's role and achievements have been so many and so varied that it will take a team of volunteers to replace her.

 At the Community Flat centre, Sue and others organised kids' film shows and May Day celebrations, as well as fundraising and Coffee mornings for local people. A founder member of the newly established Octagon in 1995, Sue has worked tirelessly, in an entirely voluntary capacity, as booking secretary, caretaker, committee member and fundraiser, ever since. The children whose parties she originally booked are now grown with kids of their own!

 All will miss Sue's quiet good humour and kindness to those who use our centre and to the people of Poolbrook, Malvern. Sue says that friendship has been the one great bonus of her long years of service. Sue’s friendship and good humour will continue to inspire the Octagon committee members who will  follow in her footsteps and hope to carry Sue’s example of true service, forward into the future.






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